About AgeTech Works

Innovating in Care.
Not because we can, but because we must.

AgeTech Works (Anders Werken in de Zorg) is a Dutch cross-regional co-operation of innovative organizations involved in Care for the Elderly. Its aim: widespread innovation in Care for the Elderly, so that in the future we can offer more care with fewer staff. AgeTech Works is an initiative of Dutch care provider tanteLouise.

The number of vulnerable elderly people is growing fast. They deserve the best possible care. But the availability of skilled care personnel in the Netherlands – as in many other countries dealing with an ageing population – is already under pressure. And at the same time, care needs are becoming ever more complex. How can we in the future offer an increasing number of vulnerable elderly people quality care, with just the current number of care staff? One of the answers is smart care technology.

The partners in AgeTech Works select promising new care technologies, test them on a small scale at just one of the participating care providers, and then implement them widely. In doing so, we make use of each other’s experience. The aim of every innovation: to provide better care and an efficient, pleasant working environment whilst using fewer working hours, and at a lower cost.

TanteLouise is an innovative care provider in the South-West of the Netherlands, delivering nursing home care, home care and rehabilitation care for the elderly. It is a leader in the field of innovation. Well known for its ground-breaking concept of care for people with dementia, tanteLouise continues to bring new technology to both the nursing home and the home environments. On the initiative of tanteLouise, AgeTech Works was set up in 2018, with the aim of accelerating the implementation of labour-saving care technology and improving the quality of care.

Faster innovation

‘We’re not doing things differently because we can, but because we must’, says Conny Helder, CEO of project initiator tanteLouise. ‘The speed of innovation has to increase. We’ll do better if we work together’.

So the AgeTech Works participants have committed jointly to the wide implementation of smart technological care solutions. Consider, for example, a hip airbag which can prevent hip breakage in case of a fall. Or how about smart incontinence materials, which make unnecessary checks superfluous? Check out all AgeTech Works’ innovations below.

Two regions

The program started in 2018 in the province of West Brabant. Initially, twelve organizations took part. In 2020, the province of Friesland joined, adding eight more organizations. Obviously, ATW hopes to add more regions soon. The care providers work together with Vilans Centre of Expertise, funding organizations and other (market) participants.

Want to know more about our approach?

At the start of the program, project initiator tanteLouise organized a series of meetings together with Vilans (Centre of Expertise for Long-term Care in the Netherlands). During these meetings the organizations get to know one another, discuss aims and expectations and receive information about potential innovation projects. Then each organization makes its own choices as to the innovation projects in which it wants to take part.

An innovation project is made up of three ‘building blocks’. Firstly, a pilot scheme involving one of the participating organizations and the company developing the technology. Secondly, roll-out to other organizations and learning from one another’s experiences. Finally, research into the effect of the innovation on care quality, labour productivity and ease of use.