Our innovations

All of our innovations have been developed in order to improve the quality of life of our clients and to make the work of our care personnel more efficient.


The Wolk (‘cloud’) hip airbag helps avoid hip breakage in the case of a fall, which in turn prevents significant pain and misery for clients. At one tanteLouise location, the number of hip breakages was reduced by almost half. That saved a total of 5,000 additional care hours and over 175,000 Euro in care costs in the year following the fall. In the same year, purchase and maintenance of the airbags cost 29,697 Euro. In competition for the National Care Innovation 2020, the Wolk won the prize awarded by the public jury.

Smart Incontinence Material

The care worker can monitor via a smartphone when incontinence material has become saturated. This avoids unnecessary checks and wet beds, and improves the client’s skin condition. Physical effort for the care worker is reduced, and use of the material saves cost and time, sometimes up to 12 hours per day on a single care unit.


Special glasses use facial recognition to link the right medicines to the right person. This prevents medication errors and eliminates the need for an extra check by a colleague. Care provider tanteLouise calculated that this saves 220,000 checks per annum, or over 18,000 working hours.

Expertise close at hand

A care worker wears special glasses via which a remote colleague can observe and communicate using a tablet or smartphone. These glasses bring specialist care within easy reach. The remote colleague saves (travel) time and he or she can observe directly instead of reading information from a report. The client benefits from being helped by a known and trusted face.

Augmented reality platform

Together with market partners and technical colleges, participants are developing ARNA, an app for care professionals which provides information on how they can use the technical care aids. At any time, the care professional can access up-to-date information about the aid, and so can immediately put it to use while attending to a client. Significant reading, training and consultation time is saved.

VR Training

The use of virtual reality glasses makes training sessions more realistic, interactive and digital. Using the VR glasses, the training experience is more intense, thus increasing the learning effect. Because the care professional can access this compact training anywhere and anytime, enormous savings can be made in time which can then be applied to care-giving.

Care and work at a distance

A market partner is investigating which care processes can be digitalized. The focus of this project lies on accelerating and capitalizing on digital care processes. That delivers enormous time savings.